Gentleman of Salsa Gilberto Santa Rosa In Broadway Debut via @ajelkallejero

The “Gentleman of Salsa” will soon be taking a temporary turn toward tango.

Gilberto Santa Rosa will make his Broadway debut this summer in the musical “Forever Tango,” which returns to New York in July for a 10-week stand featuring some of the Puerto Rican singer’s hits.

“I haven’t stopped jumping, screaming and pinching myself because I still don’t believe it,” the five-time Grammy Award winner told The Associated Press on Monday. 

“I am as anxious as one can be ahead of a project like this one: super-astonished, super-surprised and all the supers you can imagine.”

Producers of the revival of Luis Bravo’s show said Tuesday that it will open July 9 at the Walter Kerr Theatre and Santa Rosa, the singer of such salsa hits as “Medias negras,” ”Perdóname” and “Amor mío no te vayas,” will spend three weeks as a guest vocalist. Future singers will be announced later.

The show traces tango’s birth on the streets of 19th-century Buenos Aires to its more modern manifestations. Throughout, men and women hook legs, parry and thrust in a sexual battle of wills.

“Forever Tango” originally opened on Broadway 1997 and earned multiple Tony nominations. It returned for a limited four-month engagement in 2004.

Santa Rosa said that while he is an expert at the salsa, he can understand the tango’s appeal. “I love tangos but most tangos are sad and my songs — the most popular — are sad too! So I am a broken hearts specialist, no matter the rhythm or genre.”

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