JLO & Marc Anthony Feud Over Children and Christmas Holiday VIA @AJELKALLEJERO

JLO and Marc Anthony are feuding and this time it is not about boy toy Casper Smart.

Puerto Rican daily El Nuevo Dia is reporting that the former couple is arguing over who gets to keep the kids over the Christmas holiday.

Since announcing their split a year ago, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have been able to keep a cordial relationship. They share custody of their 4-year-old twins, Max and Emme.

US Weekly magazine says that neither Lopez nor Marc Anthony want to be without the kids on Christmas.

“JLO really wants to be with the kids on this date in particular and she won’t let Marc take them far from her,” a source told the publication.

The magazine adds that JLO suggested that Marc Anthony spend the Christmas holiday with her and the kids, under the condition that he does not bring along his girlfriend, Venezuelan model Shannon de Lima.

“She is not flexible,” said another source. “She wants that kids with her on Christmas but Marc really wants to have all of his children together that day.”

Recently both Lopez and Marc Anthony were in the news.

JLO was forced to tone down her sensual “Dance Again” tour in order to perform in Indonesia and Malaysia since the government told the singer that “making love” moves were not acceptable.

Meanwhile, Marc Anthony was spotted with De Lima on Miami Beach tanning and getting some R and R before heading to the Dominican Republic, where he opened an orphanage. He also went down to the country to perform his “Gigantes” tour along with singers Marco Antonio Solis and Chayanne.

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